The poet

Hey, I’m Ben Vaughan and I’m into sales, copywriting and bikes. I also emigrated to Australia six years ago from the UK.

I set up this blog to help any guys out there who have been given the dubious honour of being the best man, but have no idea about the speech. Having done “the job” twice myself, I know how daunting the actual speech can be.

So what did I do? On both occasions I used a poem at the end of it. Don’t laugh – it was a lifesaver!

No matter how bad the actual speech goes, a funny poem at the end will have the crowd in stitches. There is no greater feeling than a large group of people hanging on your every word.

Get in touch now and I’ll write one for you.

Email me at

p.s. Own, or run a business and need sales copy, website content, press releases, brochures and more? Email me at



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