Get on YouTube for the right reasons!

You can’t get away from video anymore. There’s always someone with an iPhone ready to upload. Which is why you don’t want to go into a speech unprepared.

Cock it up, take the piss out of the wrong people, or just get completely drunk and you’re guaranteed to have everybody laughing at you time and time again!

But… reel off a witty, well-written poem and you might have people saying you are the man. The best man! And that could be nice.

So here’s an idea.

Write down a few things you’d like to say about the groom, thank the mothers, the bridesmaids and just keep it nice. Then launch into a funny poem that does it’s best to make the groom not only squirm, but actually enjoy it, so everyone’s happy. Doesn’t that sound better?

If that’s a bit of you, get in touch. It’s only ten bucks a verse, that’s all, and you’ll come out of this looking like the best, best man ever.

Email me now at thebestmanspoem – you’ll be so glad you did.


If you’re wondering what will make your poem work, here’s the basics I need:

  • The bride and groom’s name. Yes, surprisingly I need this. I try to talk about them both, get a congratulations in there somewhere and keep the poem personable. It’s important.
  • How long you’ve known the groom. I’ll start off by saying how you met, how long ago and give a little history. A lot of the audience might not even know who you are. Let them get to know you, warm to you and they’ll love your speech.
  • His hobbies/interests/habits. With any luck he collects film star’s toenails, has a comb-over, or plays golf in ridiculous clothes. Whatever, I’ll try to incorporate it and make everyone laugh. Give me as much as possible, it makes it easier.
  • Funny stories. There has to be one… surely? The slightest thing might get a laugh if written correctly. If you can’t talk about the full story, let me hint at it and watch him squirm.
  • How he met the bride. The most important person in that room is the bride. It’s her big day and she wants to feel special. A lot of time and money has gone into this day so don’t ruin it. The groom will take the knocks and jokes at his expense, but the bride won’t want things to go over the top, and there will be people filming so keep it nice. You will come across far better if the bride is happy (the groom will be happier too).
  • As a couple. What do they do? What plans do they have? If there’s something good, I’ll try and get it across. Keep it basic – it’s not as important as the other points but useful if you’re struggling for funny stories.
  • What about you? Is there something that’s especially important to you? Again, basic is better, but it’s your speech so write it down and let me know.

Email me now at thebestmanspoem – be the best best man!



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