These Guys Were SO Happy!

I always ask for a little feedback on how the poems went because, well I just want to know they did the job, that you got the laugh you all wanted. And the confidence, let’s not forget the confidence.

That’s what it’s all about, going in prepared. That audience wants you to do well – they want to be entertained. There’s not that many heartless bastards out there that actually want to see someone fail, trust me. For five minutes you’re going to have them eating out of the palm of your hand, and wanting more.

Yesterday I heard back from Eric who’d been petrified about his speech, I mentioned him in a previous post. I wrote a ten verse poem with plenty of humour, but also enough to show that he really cared about his mate. He loved the poem and said that he felt much more confident going in. This is what I received:

Ben.  Thanks a million. I can’t believe how good this came out. I had people that I didn’t know. Come to me and say.  Dude. Can you do the speech at my wedding!!!   It was awesome. It went off better than I ever thought it would. I had no reason to be nervous what so ever.  This was unbelievable. It gave me more confidence than I ever thought I had.   I can’t thank you enough.  It’s worth every penny. Your the man Ben. 
That blew me away!
And from another happy best man:
That is absolutely cracking mate. Thanks very much for your help, I’ll certainly be recommending your work to others.
I will obviously pass the poem off as my own work!
Thank you very much guys! It’s a pleasure to help out.
Remember, if you want an audience crying with laughter at your speech, get in touch at today!

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