Last Minute Fears and the Lucky Bastards!

Finding it easy.

A few years ago, I watched a mate of mine do a speech at his sister’s wedding. The groom didn’t have too many close friends so they asked Steve to be the best man. No worries.

So we arrive at reception and Steve sits down with a pint of Guinness and starts writing down notes – he didn’t even have a speech prepared!

We all sat down, ate food and, as you do, looked forward to the the speeches. He blew everyone away. So natural and confident he sounded like he was loving it, and could’ve stayed there all day. He got away with leaving it all to the last minute.

But I can’t do that.

My mind goes blank when I’m staring at a huge group of people, and I want to be anywhere but there. Once up and running, with notes to back me up, I love it but until then my confidence plummets.

A poem I just wrote is for a guy who said in his initial email “standing in front of a crowd makes me feel physically sick, like I’m gonna pass out”. The groom knows this, and is loving every minute of it!

But little does the groom know, because of the information the best man gave me, I’ve written a poem that has helped boost his confidence. He already feels much better and I think he’s going to get up there and blow the whole audience away. I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

Want my advice?

Write down notes or write a complete speech but, above all, write a funny poem to finish it all off. You’ll have a captive audience and a well structured poem will leave them wanting more and more. When you’re reading out a funny, rhyming poem you can’t deviate, you can’t get boring, you can’t forget what you were saying… but you can have them eating from your hand.

When you’re having to wait for the laughter to subside before you can read the next verse, you’re going to wish you could go on forever!

P.S. By the way, the poem I just sent to the guy that feels physically sick at standing in front of a crowd just sent me this:

Dude I am dying. That’s the best!!!! This makes me feel confident. I love it”. 

Happy days!

If you think that could benefit you, email me at and let’s get started.


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