The Best Man By Far!

The Honour is all Yours!

That’s the one thing you need to remember from the start.

It might be scary, it might be a nuisance, it might even be a pain in the ass, but your best mate, or your brother, or your dad – whoever it is – wants you to be the main man for him on the day.

So what exactly are the best man’s duties before the big day?

The Stag Night.

The groom can be a bit wary on this subject, with good reason, so you might have to work with him a little here.

Some will want full control – I’ve had that and it’s annoying (I pretty well left one of them to organise it himself in the end because he was getting too involved, but that’s the exception to the rule). Work out a venue for a good weekend or night away, find out which mates of his are going and get in touch with them all. Most will want to help out anyway so it probably won’t be a one-man effort. Try and make sure everyone is capable of doing any physical activities you have lined up, and get the readies upfront, because it can be hard getting money at the end of an expensive weekend – this I also know. Now get plenty of beer and enjoy!

The Rehearsal

Yeah, we all have to go through this too. Keep your gob shut and help out where necessary. Remember where you have to stand, when to sit down, when to hand over the ring (don’t ever forget that ring!) and, above all, be there for the main man at all times. It’ll be over before you know it.

Unless asked, I’d be inclined to steer clear of any organising of honeymoons, transportation to the wedding etc. because most couples will have this in the bag. I don’t personally believe you should get involved with that aspect, but I have heard of occasions where it’s a given that you’ll be sorting it. Play it by ear, but this is something the happy couple should’ve cleared up ages ago.

Speech Speech Speech…

My advice is to start working on this the day you’re asked to be best man. I always put it off, and have even been fixing it up on the morning of the wedding, but give yourself a fighting chance and start writing stuff down – NOW!

I work better under pressure, but that’s not the same for everyone. If you’re struggling, jot some ideas down on paper and send them to me.

I’ll rework them into a poem that’s guaranteed to make the audience laugh, make you look and feel GREAT and makes a fantastic gift for the groom too!

Email me at today, and take the hard work out of being the best man!


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