Amaze Yourself With These 10 Best Man Speech Tips!

So far in my life, I’ve been asked to be the best man twice!  I’m either doing something very wrong, or right. Yes it’s worrying, but here’s ten top tips that might help:

  1. Be prepared before the day. Write down anything and everything you want to say on paper, or small cards, and keep it on you at all times. Add to it whenever you remember something new, funny or appropriate.
  2. Practise your speech whenever you can, but always make sure you have the paper or cards with you on the day (don’t rely on memory — it may go blank).
  3. Your job is to thank bridesmaids, flower girls, or anyone else nominated by the happy couple. Do that first and get it out of the way, it’ll help to relax you.
  4. Have a drink, but keep it moderate. You don’t want to be drunk, just merry and relaxed. And always have a drink on your table because your throat will go dry!
  5. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, make sure you have them with you. There’s nothing worse than having your speech with you, but then struggling to read it (I made this mistake!).
  6. Breathe slowly while the build up to your speech is on. Enjoy the other speeches, and don’t think you can’t compete with their humour… you can!
  7. Find a familiar face in the audience. Keep scanning around as you speak, but always go back to the same person — it’ll help to calm you.
  8. Ignore hecklers, they can actually have the effect of taking the pressure off you — pause, smile and embrace it.
  9. Bear in mind that there will be younger and older members of both families there so keep the language clean and leave anything offensive out — you want everyone to love you!
  10. Finish off the speech with a poem. Don’t laugh, it’s a lifesaver. If the speech didn’t get many laughs, a funny poem will have them in stitches (it’s saved me twice!).

If you’re wondering about the best way to end your speech, email me now on


3 thoughts on “Amaze Yourself With These 10 Best Man Speech Tips!

  1. Thanks Ben – amazing help and brilliant poem – went down a treat. The Groom actually said to me “if you had done nothing but the Poem it still would’ve been a fantastic Best Man speech”
    Cannot recommend Ben enough.
    If and when I have the honour of being a Best Man again then Ben will be on my list for help.


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