Help! I’m the Best Man. What do I do?

  • Need an example of a poem?

  • Wondering what to expect?

  • These are extracts of a poem I wrote for Sean in Ireland.

Poem #1

I first met Pete in Dublin,

But his tightness was rather troubling,

Pete couldn’t be found, when it was time for his round,

As he hid under a table a-chuckling.


We became solid mates in no time,

Got thrown out of pubs when the bell chimed,

In the event of a fight, he stayed out of sight,

Just typical of someone who drinks white wine.


Pete’s parents are so cool I could shout,

They welcomed me in with no doubts,

But I tell you my dears, it’s best to stay clear,

When Pete’s dad’s been on those old sprouts.


Of course, I should mention Pete’s wife,

Cos she’s got to put up with the strife,

Pete’s habits are worse, than an old witches’ curse,

Kate, we all think you deserve a big prize!


So stand up and toast these two folks,

I’ll soon need a drink or I’ll choke,

“To the bride and the groom, they’re over the moon”,

Pete, buy me a drink cos I’m broke!


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