The no-nerves guide to making a best man’s speech!

  • Does the idea of making a best man’s speech terrify you?
  • Maybe you’ve made a best man’s speech before, but it all went pear-shaped?
  • Can’t bear the feeling of the pre-speech butterflies?

You’re not alone!

The truth is, public speaking puts overwhelming fear into the hearts of most men.

So much to prove in front of so many friends and, worst of all, the happy couple’s families.  What’s more, it’s usually always uploaded to YouTube!

What if I could give you a new wave of confidence?

Still a little nerve-racking, but you’ll soon have the room in fits of laughter!  (That is an awesome feeling:)

Would that help?  Then let me write a poem for you.

I promise that when you’ve finished, you’ll be wishing it could go on and on.  That’s the feeling you get when the room is laughing with you.

The simple steps to a poem, unique and tailored for your big day, are as follows:

  1. Write me an email explaining how many verses you want, style of writing (humourous etc.)
  2. Give me the juicy details regarding your friendship with the groom, such as funny stories, embarrassing events, memorable occasions, family incidents (that are good to mention) and anything else you can think of.  Make sure that whatever is in the poem makes you stand out as the good guy!  Don’t make it offensive to his family – light humour is great, but not at the expense of older relatives etc.
  3. Give me the date of the big day, the venue and any other details that might be wotthy of a mention (it shows you put a lot of thought into your poem).
  4. Pay me via Paypal for the amount of verses required (only AU$9.00 per verse).
  5. Voila!  One poem on its way to you and a happy, adoring crowd – cheering for more!

My advice is to say a few words (maybe a basic speech), mumble a few thanks to the bridesmaids etc. and then save the poem until the last moment.  Having had one of my own speeches go sour (my mind went completely blank), I can vouch for how effective a funny poem at the end is!

Speak soon.

p.s. Email me on to get a poem perfect for you.


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